7th APCEAS at Nagoya, Japan
Asia-Pacific Conference on Engineering and Applied Sciences
We are pleased to announce that the 7th Asia-Pacific Conference on Engineering and Applied Sciences (APCEAS) will be held in beautiful Nagoya, Japan on January 7 -9, 2025.
The conference will focus on artificial intelligence (AI) and aims to promote academic exchange and collaboration in the fields of engineering and applied sciences.
To explore the applications of AI in various fields, we have set up a special session that covers various aspects of AI technology, including but not limited to machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, intelligent control, and intelligent manufacturing. We invite experts, scholars, and colleagues from academia and industry to attend the conference and share their latest research results and case studies in the field of AI. Abstractsand full papers submissions for relevant presentations are welcome and should be submitted to our official website before the deadline.
The Special Session " The impact and challenges of artificial intelligence in the future covers the following areas:
Engineering Design and Optimization – using AI for product design and optimization, such as automated product design and automated design optimization.
Physics and Materials Science – using AI for materials design and materials performance prediction, such as strength, hardness, and elastic modulus of materials.
Chemical and Biological Engineering – using AI for drug discovery, synthesis, and design, as well as molecular simulation and bioinformatics analysis.
Energy and Environmental Engineering – using AI for energy management and analysis, such as energy system design and smart energy monitoring, while also applying AI to solve environmental problems, such as air quality monitoring and pollution prediction.
Civil Engineering and Architecture – using AI for building design and urban planning, such as smart building design and smart city construction.
Electronic Engineering and Communication Technology – using AI for wireless communication and data transmission, such as intelligent wireless networks and wireless sensor networks.
Computer Science and Information Technology – using AI to develop intelligent algorithms and systems, such as machine learning, deep learning, and natural language processing.
Economics and Management – using AI for business analysis and prediction, such as financial risk management and bank fraud detection.
Mathematics and Statistics – using AI for big data analysis and modeling, such as the application of statistics and machine learning.
Biomedical Engineering – using AI to develop intelligent medical devices and technologies, such as smart medical monitoring and medical image analysis.
Engineering Education and Professional Development – using AI for education and professional development, such as intelligent education systems and intelligent training systems.
In addition, the conference will feature several sessions in academic fields such as Engineering and Applied Sciences to provide a platform for scholars and industry colleagues to share and exchange the latest research findings.
These sessions will cover various research areas, including but not limited to
Mechanical engineering
Engineering design and optimization
Physics and materials science
Chemical and biological engineering
Energy and environmental engineering
Civil engineering and architecture
Electrical engineering and communication technology
Computer science and information technology
Mathematics and statistic
Engineering education and professional development
We believe these sessions will provide a good academic platform for everyone and look forward to your participation. If you need any assistance or have any questions, please contact us at apceas@apceas.org
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